Horizontal Multistage Pumps THM Series

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Tormac Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pump two or more impellers are mounted on the same shaft of the pump. An impeller and a ring section casing make up each stage. Replaceable wear rings are included with dynamically balanced impellers to maintain optimal clearance for greater efficiency. By placing the stages next to one another in pairs or groups, the axial thrust balance can be improved. To endure the greatest amount of radial thrust, each pump casing has a bush bearing supporting the pump shaft. Hydraulic balancing is provided by the bearing design, which eliminates axial thrust.

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Series THM
Flow Up to 850 m³ /hr.
Head Up to 816 m
Power Range Up to 1300kW
Liquid Temperature Up to 80°C
Speed in RPM 1450 & 2900
Working Pressure Up to 30Bar
MOC Cast iron, Bronze, Stainless steel & Alloy steel
Outlet Size Up to 300mm


· High pressure application in industries
· Boiler feed water
· Pressure boosting system
· Community water supply system
· Utility water supply in industries
· Irrigation
· Firefighting system
· High pressure application in water treatment plant

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