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Tormac tiny sewage pumps, used in domestic and light commercial applications, Tormac tiny Sewage pumps are come with two variant TPS & TSS come with plastic and stainless stell body with thermoplastic impeler and the carbon ceramic mechanical seal, with special design considerations enabling solids to pass without clogging the pump.


Power Range 350 to 650 Watts
Version Single Phase 230V,50Hz, A.C Supply
Degree of protection IP68
Class of insulation E
Delivery size Drainage : 1¼”, Sewage : 1½”
Max. ambient temp. 40°C
Max. liquid temp. 40°C
pH value 6 – 8.5

Material of Construction

Part Name TPS Series TSS Series
Pump body Plastic Stainless Steel
Impeller Thermoplastic Thermoplastic
Shaft S.S 304 S.S 304
Pump casing Plastic Stainless Steel
Mechanical seal Carbon Ceramic Carbon Ceramic


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