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Tormac Water Circulatory pumps are used to circulate hot / cold water with adequate pressure in HVAC systems. All parts & components have been uncompromisingly tested to ensure trouble free performance and safety operation. The motor is of 2 pole asynchronous and squirrel cage type and consists of canned rotor portion. All the rotating parts are in touch with pumped liquid and thus it acts as lubricant to rotor, shaft & thrust bearings. An air vent plug is provided in the rear-end. The centrifugal impeller is of radial & closed type with corrosion resistant curved blades. Impeller, shaft with rotor, thrust bearing pad and the intermediate rings are assembled as a single unit to avoid the misalignment of the bearings. The thrust bearing is designed to withstand high axial thrust load. The particular model of pumps are equipped with a rotary switch in the terminal box that can be used to control the speed in 3 different levels based on the requirement. For trouble free operation the temperature of the pumped liquid should not exceed the specified level, the minimum inlet pressure should be maintained (to avoid cavitations) and dry run must totally be avoided. As the motor is impedance protected and consequently short-circuit proof, no additional motor protection is required. The pump is provided with standard length of cable lead out with plug. These circulatory pumps are generally used in tandem with heating systems.


Ambient Temperature 40 C
Maximum humidity 95%
Liquid temp. range -5 C to +110 C
Max. Operating Pressure 10bar
Voltage Single phase 230V
Frequency 50 Hz
Degree of Protection IP 44
Insulation Class F
Mounting position Horizontal
Connection type Screw / Flange
Head Single

Special Features

1 Tried and trusted.
2 Heighly efficient.Corrosion free parts for hygiene.
3 Low wear and tear.
4 Easy for installation & service.
5 Multi speed control (3 Levels).
6 Perfectly and aesthetically designed.
7 Silent operation & reduced electrical energy consumption.


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