Vertical Turbine Pumps – TVT Series

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Tormac Vertical Turbine Pumps can be single-stage or multistage in design with submerged impellers enabling the pump to be started without the requirement for priming. The operation of Vertical Turbine pumps is intended to be unaffected by significant variations in the level of the water. For increased flow requirements, these pumps come with the mixed flow or axial flow impellers. The line shaft bearing with either internal or external cooling supports the transmission shaft in the column pipes. These pumps can be used in applications with wet or dry pits. To prevent reverse rotation, a ratchet system is installed on the coupler.

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Series THM
Flow Up to 16000 m³ /hr.
Head Up to 250 m
Power Range Up to 2400kW
Liquid Temperature Up to 90°C
Shaft Seal Mechanical & Gland
Speed in RPM 720, 960, 1450 & 2900
Working Pressure Up to 25Bar
MOC Cast iron, Bronze, Stainless steel & Alloy steel
Outlet Size Up to 300mm


· Raw water intake and supply
· Irrigation
· Main cooling water and makeup water supply in power plant
· Water treatment plants
· Municipal water supply
· Dock yard
· Flood Control
· Refinery
· Fire fighting

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