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I use all the different products, I started using Tormac pumps from the Agri Tech - Expo and , I have been using Tormac Borehole pump set they are very good and also we use 3 inch Upvc pipes and its easy to install by hand and also the control starters are good.

Mr Edwin


As compared to other brands Tormac pumps are very good and reliable and the stainless steel pumps are strong and also the plastic pumps are strong as like the stainless steel pumps.



We tried and tested the Tormac pumps for the several years, tormac reciprocate to customers feedback to enhance their products. We are using Tormac pumps in the different part of the country and we got good response from the end customers.



We use Tormac machine for nearly 15 years we are pumping daily for 4 km and the pumps running hours are 15 hrs a day and all our 4 boreholes are employed with Tormac pumps we feel the pump life comes for prolonged period.



We have been working almost since four years with the Tormac brand. We have to say that we find it quite good, a quality product, a wide range of products. The product come in high workmanship. We mainly use submersible pumps to pump water from wells...



Very good motors. Very good pumps. High efficiency. I love it. Because, they are really good, excellent product. Our customers feels happy and satisfied. Because it solve the requirements. So we prefer Tormac.

Mr James




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The modern day agriculture has a lot to rely on the pumping solutions to accomplish the irrigation and domestic usage needs.


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The mining industry which is referred as the world’s toughest industrialized working environments needs a bit of revamping.


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Industries seem to be smaller when put into comparison with the amount of diverse and distinctive pumps that TORMAC is equipped with

Fire Fighting
& Dewatering

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The most critical component of a Fire Sprinkler system, i.e the fire pump needs due attention, and that’s why we at TORMAC take immense care in designing..

& Building

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Irrespective of the scale of building services TORMAC offers wide varieties of pumps, valves, and systems that perfectly match your building and construction needs.


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Utility pumps are the most commonly referred residential pumps that serve numerous household needs. Keeping this in mind, we have well placed ourselves ahead of our.

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