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In view of satisfying customer’s demand Tormac has designed & introduced the compact Submersible Pump Kit with a complete package of pumpset & accessories. The purpose is to simplify the domestic customer’s pump purchase selections. This series consists of selected pump models suitable mainly for low head applications upto 365 feet with a maximum flow
upto 7m³/h.
This Tormac submersible pump kit comprises the following items and supplied all in one pack.
4″ Submersible Pump | 4″ Submersible motor | Single phase control box | 60 Mtr Cable | 60 Mtr safety rope | Borehole cap | Adapter

General Information

Rated Output & Voltage Supply A.C SupplyRated Speed Class of insulation Duty Protection Liquid Temperature Linear Flow Switching Frequency Max. Recommended Head Max. Flow Range Delivery size in mm
0.37 kW to 1.1 kW A.C 1-Phase, 230V, 50Hz / 3-Phase, 380V, 50Hz 2900 “B / Y” S1 Continuous IP68 38°C 0.15m/sec 20 starts / hour 15 to 110 m 1 to 7m³/h 32