TM – Series (Higher Range)


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Tormac Centrifugal pump’s volute chamber and impellers are carefully designed to give the best possible hydraulic and suction lift characteristics. All dimensions and performances are according to EN733- DIN 24255 standards. Most modern and highly sophisticated machinery and technology are employed in the manufacture of these pumps using quality raw material,dynamically balanced impellers, seals and ball bearings to ensure long life. Dynamically balanced rotor ensures vibration and noise free operation. Shaft is made of quality steel, precision ground of ample size for transmitting the rated Horse Power.


Power Range (kW) 2.2 kW to 30 kW
Speed 2900 rpm
Degree of Protection IP 55
Class of insulation “F”
Versions Three Phase, 380-415V,
50Hz A.C Supply
Type of Duty S1 (Continuous)
Direction of Rotation Clock wise viewed from
driving end
Nominal Suc. & Del.
Size (Inches)
2 x 11⁄4 | 21⁄2 x 11⁄2 | 21⁄2 x 2 | 3 x 21⁄2
| 4 x 3


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