Tormac Pumps

Pre Installation Procedure

Every pump is designed with lot of parameters to deliver its best performance. It is very mandatory to follow the pre Installation procedures as instructed by the brand to ensure its long life, trouble free operations, best performance and efficiency. Let us review the Pre-Installation procedure for a borehole Submersible Pumps.

Borehole Check & Preparation:

  • Check and ensure the inside diameter of the borehole whether it fits the pumpset selected.
  • If it is a newly drilled borehole it must be flushed well so that it is free from sand, silt and other foreign particles.
  • The pumpset should not be run dry and make sure the static water levels inside the borehole for proper submergence.

Preparing Pump and Motor:

  • Do not keep the bottom end of the motor in mud or dirt area. As this may block the diaphragm opening.
  • Check the freeness of the motor shaft and endplay.
  • Fill motor with clean, cold, drinking water through the water filling plug.
  • Check the motor for any water leakage, if noticed tighten all water filling plugs and drain plugs.
  • Measure the insulation resistance of the motor winding and resistance should not be lesser than 20 mega ohms.
  • A proper waterproof cable splicing must be done between motor lead and drop cable.
  • Run the motor for few seconds to ensure the direction of rotation. Do not run the motor in open condition for more time.
  • Couple motor and pump until it butts completely to the top surface of the motor.
  • Then tighten the nuts in a cross pattern uniformly.
  • Check axial movement of the pump shaft assembly by lifting it vertically up a minimum lift of 1 – 1.5mm will indicate that coupling is done properly.
  • Position the motor cable on pump and fix it with cable guard then fasten the suction strainer.
  • Never install the pumpset without suction strainer, as it may allow bigger solid particles and may go reason for pump failure.
  • Now set the pumpset inside the borehole above the yield point and well below the static water levels.
  • In case, if the yield point is not ascertain use the flow inducer sleeve along with the pumpset.
  • The pump must be installed at least 3 meters above the bottom level of the borehole.
  • Do not reduce the pipe size, use specified pipe size as per pump outlet size to get accurate discharge.
  • Install a good quality Non return valve to prevent water hammer and back spin.
  • After installation cover the borehole with right size borehole cap.

Field & Power Supply Checks:

  • The pumpset is designed to handle clean, cold, fresh water without abrasives.
  • Make sure that the voltage fluctuation lies within +/- 10% of the motor rated voltage.
  • Make sure the right cable size selections are done as per recommended by the manufacturer for power supply from control panel to motor.
  • It is mandatory to install the brand recommended control Box /Panels with complete protections against Voltage and Current faults.
  • All electrical connections are to be perfectly done without any loose connections in any terminals.
  • Proper earthing to be done for control panel and also earth cable to be connected with pumpset to avoid fatal electrical shock.

Pump starting & Final checks:

  • After all checks and installations are completed, can start the pump for testing and fine tuning.
  • Adjust the control panel settings as per factory instructed. Fine-tuning can be done to fit to the field conditions.
  • Ensure the rated voltage and Load currents are as per the rated. No Overloading of motors.
  • Water flow is as per the rated.
  • No water leaks on the pipe line.
  • Continue to run the pumpset for few minutes and ensure everything is perfect.

Brand’s Recommendations:

Tormac product goes through lot of inspections and quality checks before it gets delivered to the customers. If Installation procedures are followed perfectly, it ensures its best performance and returns to its owners.