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Pump Impellers, Types and Impacts

Pump Impellers, Types and Impacts

The specification of the right centrifugal pump for an application involves various considerations. One of them is the right choice of impeller type. Each type of impeller offers different performance characteristics that make it suitable than the others for a particular application.

Main points to impeller selection:

1- Efficiency and NPSHr/a

2- Head & Flow

3- Material compatibility

4- Solid content handling

Main types of impeller:

1- Open impeller:

  • Has vanes that are open on both sides
  • To handle solid content
  • Require a higher NPSH

2- Semi-Open Impeller:

  • Has a back-wall shroud
  • Pumps with a small amount of soft solids

3- Closed impeller:

  • Has enclosed at the back and front
  • Low NPSHr and more efficient flow
  • For large pumps transferring clean liquid

4- Vortex Impeller:

  • Similar to a semi open with more space in the volute
  • Ideal for dirty fluids
  • Minimal risk of clogging
  • Low efficiency

5- Cutter Impeller:

  • With sharp edge to handle solids
  • Grind any solids
  • Ideal for sewage water
  • Low efficiency
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Pre Installation Procedure

Every pump is designed with lot of parameters to deliver its best performance. It is very mandatory to follow the pre Installation procedures as instructed by the brand to ensure its long life, trouble free operations, best performance and efficiency. Let us review the Pre-Installation procedure for a borehole Submersible Pumps.

Borehole Check & Preparation:

  • Check and ensure the inside diameter of the borehole whether it fits the pumpset selected.
  • If it is a newly drilled borehole it must be flushed well so that it is free from sand, silt and other foreign particles.
  • The pumpset should not be run dry and make sure the static water levels inside the borehole for proper submergence.

Preparing Pump and Motor:

  • Do not keep the bottom end of the motor in mud or dirt area. As this may block the diaphragm opening.
  • Check the freeness of the motor shaft and endplay.
  • Fill motor with clean, cold, drinking water through the water filling plug.
  • Check the motor for any water leakage, if noticed tighten all water filling plugs and drain plugs.
  • Measure the insulation resistance of the motor winding and resistance should not be lesser than 20 mega ohms.
  • A proper waterproof cable splicing must be done between motor lead and drop cable.
  • Run the motor for few seconds to ensure the direction of rotation. Do not run the motor in open condition for more time.
  • Couple motor and pump until it butts completely to the top surface of the motor.
  • Then tighten the nuts in a cross pattern uniformly.
  • Check axial movement of the pump shaft assembly by lifting it vertically up a minimum lift of 1 – 1.5mm will indicate that coupling is done properly.
  • Position the motor cable on pump and fix it with cable guard then fasten the suction strainer.
  • Never install the pumpset without suction strainer, as it may allow bigger solid particles and may go reason for pump failure.
  • Now set the pumpset inside the borehole above the yield point and well below the static water levels.
  • In case, if the yield point is not ascertain use the flow inducer sleeve along with the pumpset.
  • The pump must be installed at least 3 meters above the bottom level of the borehole.
  • Do not reduce the pipe size, use specified pipe size as per pump outlet size to get accurate discharge.
  • Install a good quality Non return valve to prevent water hammer and back spin.
  • After installation cover the borehole with right size borehole cap.

Field & Power Supply Checks:

  • The pumpset is designed to handle clean, cold, fresh water without abrasives.
  • Make sure that the voltage fluctuation lies within +/- 10% of the motor rated voltage.
  • Make sure the right cable size selections are done as per recommended by the manufacturer for power supply from control panel to motor.
  • It is mandatory to install the brand recommended control Box /Panels with complete protections against Voltage and Current faults.
  • All electrical connections are to be perfectly done without any loose connections in any terminals.
  • Proper earthing to be done for control panel and also earth cable to be connected with pumpset to avoid fatal electrical shock.

Pump starting & Final checks:

  • After all checks and installations are completed, can start the pump for testing and fine tuning.
  • Adjust the control panel settings as per factory instructed. Fine-tuning can be done to fit to the field conditions.
  • Ensure the rated voltage and Load currents are as per the rated. No Overloading of motors.
  • Water flow is as per the rated.
  • No water leaks on the pipe line.
  • Continue to run the pumpset for few minutes and ensure everything is perfect.

Brand’s Recommendations:

Tormac product goes through lot of inspections and quality checks before it gets delivered to the customers. If Installation procedures are followed perfectly, it ensures its best performance and returns to its owners.

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Basics to know when buying a new Tormac pump

A pump is an electro-mechanical device used to transfer liquids from one place to another place using high hydraulic pressure. Read on to know about transferring liquids, and its types and how we are handling. Liquids can be water, oil, chemicals, acids, etc. Tormac products are designed to handle only water. The water may be drinking water, aggressive water, seawater, or wastewater. Depending upon water PH value, Hardness, Viscosity, Temperature, Sand content, Chlorine ion density the pumps vary with different construction and technical equipment.

Next, we need to understand the water source from where the pumping should happen, under the ground or Surface source. Tormac has a wide range of pumps that can transfer water horizontally, vertically, inclined and declined to a great distance, with different material of construction and sizes to match all your needs. But, it is important to identify the type that will work best for your needs.

To drive a pump, you need a motor that runs on electrical or mechanical energy. Tormac is manufacturing electrical motors of Water filled / Oil filled with a wide ranges.

Flow rate:

The flow rate (Q) of a pump is useful volume flow delivered through its outlet section. Volume, flows, upstream of the pump outlet section, and purpose is taken into account when calculating the pump flow rate. Each pump has a specified flow rate measured in Liters per second (lps) / Liters per minute (lpm) / Cubic meter per hour (m3/hr) / gallons per minute (GPM), as we have mentioned on the product page. If you have a high flow, you will need a large diameter pump. You also need to think about what you plan to do with the liquid, be it decanting or transferring. Tormac pumps have maximum flow rates up to 5000m3/hr. Depending upon its applications, the right flow rate and head are necessary parameters to start selecting a pump.

Maximum head (H) and pressure (bar):

The maximum head of a water pump refers to the longest distance in terms of vertical height or Horizontal height it will be able to pump water. If you are looking for the best water pump, you will see details such as nominal Head and maximum flow rates.

The piping has an impact on the “maximum head” pressure, and this is where the “rated head” is best to observe. The “nominal height” represents the ideal height for which you should consider using it – most pumps can’t deliver above their nominal height. If you are measuring the height between your pump’s location and your highest point of water access, you should have a good idea of the pump you will need. Tormac has pumps that can pump the water up to a maximum height of 820 meters.

Flow (Q) Vs Head (H):

Pump sizing involves matching the flow and pressure of a pump required for the process. The flow (Q) and head (H) both are reciprocal to each other. When the water is pumped to a great height, most of the energy will be consumed to lift the water, so the flow will reduce and vice versa. So, this is mandatory to understand this concept before you select any pump.

Inlet & Outlet Sizes:

Most pumps except borehole pumps have an inlet size between 1 and 6 inches but in some cases, it can be more. Centrifugal water pumps also operate in a similar way i.e. sucking in water from the inlet and discharging it through the outlet valve. In this case, the bigger size of an inlet valve, the more water can be pumped out and the faster it will do the job.

With Borehole pumps, as it submerges under the water there is no specific inlet valve as like in Centrifugal pumps. The interconnection between the motor and pump is the water inlet entry. Here we talk only about the outlet sizes in Inches or mm. One should know about the Outlet sizes for proper pipe selection and Valves selections. Tormac pumps got a sizes up to 6” under standard ranges. For customized can go even higher sizes. For personalized use, we can have even more sizes.

Starters and controls:

Tormac has specialized in bespoke control panels that meet the specific needs of domestic, industrial and specialty applications. It is mandatory to have the control panels specified by the brand for a perfect start, operation, stop and protection of the pump and the motor. If you install a good control panel, it can protect the products from failure. Tormac control panels are installed to ensure trouble-free operation, long product life, energy savings and high performance.

Final thoughts:

Tormac thinks outside the box to offer the best possible solution without limiting ourselves to a particular supplier’s range. All pumps provide a full end-to-end service for all areas and customized pumping systems. It has resulted in a tremendous reputation and wide acceptance across all sectors of the industry. As a customer-centric organization, we foster innovation, learning, and collusion. The employees are our greatest strength; their knowledge and expertise allow Tormac to provide cutting-edge industrial solutions. If you want to learn more about Tormac please visit: Tormac Pumps

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The Big 5 International Building & Construction Show – Thank You for Visiting US

We want to thank all of you for your valuable effort to visit our corner at The Big 5 2019, held in Dubai, on 25th to 28th of November. The Big 5 brought the entire portfolio of building materials, construction products, and solutions together by Manufacturers, suppliers, traders and service providers from Middle East Asia, Europe and America. They showcased thousands of advanced technologies and solutions. The Big 5 stall is the largest event in the region and it focused on 5 new dedicated sectors. They aimed at helping everyone to source the right products for their business from a range of the best local and international suppliers in the heavy construction industry.

The Big 5 has been celebrating its 40th anniversary, it turned into a global hub for the construction industry, catering to the needs of all construction projects from inception to completion. The Big 5 comprised of 6 specialized events: The Big 5 Heavy, Middle East Concrete, HVAC R Expo Dubai, The Big 5 – 2019, Middle East Stone, and Urban Design & Landscape Expo. The Big 5 is an outstanding platform to achieve our business goals with high quality buyers attending from across the construction industry. The main motive of conducting this event is to get trained, stay competitive and invest your money in smart way. It showcased the best international and local suppliers of heavy construction products that will help you raise your projects.

The event provided the professional platform for industry to source the latest products and technologies from all over the world as well as industry experts and peers. The Big 5 – 2019 at Dubai has all the potential to showcase our products and technologies and convince the market on how they can use them in the most efficient way. After our participation, we were able to reach so many clients through this event and outside of the stall. It has been an amazing year for all of us. The Big 5, provided a 360-degree view of the solar industry, with access to the latest and greatest products in one place. Dubai continues to raise its unique value proposition as a city of the future, and the gateway to regional growth markets and key hub of growth within the global economic and investment networks.

Modern quality assurance systems used at every step of the production and flawless workmanship ensured sustained and consistent operation. Tormac stainless steel pumps are capably designed and developed with the latest engineering software, high-tech machinery tools and cutting edge of pumping technology to deliver the good possible hydraulic efficiency. Tormac Motors designed with perfect standardization and easy operation and convenient maintenance last long for all the applications.

We participated The Big 5 to learn more about the new technologies and new projects introduced in the market. We’ve met a lot of Visitors & exhibitors who provided us with good and valuable information, it was very helpful and hopefully we will soon finalize our deal. We are proud to have participated in this event. We are exceptionally amped-up for the enormous number of guests to our corner. It was a fine chance to introduce our most recent products in this event. We thank you for your enthusiasm for our products and services and we anticipate the chance of serving you by giving the total water arrangements according to your need. And furthermore, we thank our Business accomplices who visited us from various countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso and Italy. We together will work for the complete satisfaction of our customers in our future endeavors. The event was a great success, and we hope all participants enjoyed it as much as we did. We offer our thanks towards our clients who picked our products and totally accepting our products this year and we are glad to serve our clients while keeping up the charm.

Our stall was visited by maximum number of representatives from various places of the world. The majority number of guests were from Gulf Nations, Middle East Nations, African nations, Asian nations and Australia.

The greater part of them were thrilled by our product quality and we met a portion of cheerful clients in the display which proved overwhelming for us. We would like to extend our special thanks to all for hosting us during the event, and furthermore to effective teams who did outstanding work for organizing the event. Your presence helped us to make this event a great success and your enthusiasm to create a positive spirit. We’re definitely looking forward to participating again next year and the years to come. Thank you for being a part of our big day. It truly meant a lot to us. We hope to receive the continued support of our customers and dealers for many more years to come.

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The Big 5 @ World Trade Centre – Dubai on November 25 to 28, 2019, Visit us at Stand No: 2C71 at Hall No 2

The Big 5 @ World Trade Centre – Dubai on November 25 to 28, 2019, Visit us at Stand No: 2C71 at Hall No 2